How to contact Coinbase support agent?

Coinbase provides 24/7 customer support to resolve the queries and disputes of their customers. If you are a Coinbase user then you must know the way to contact their customer support agents. But in case you are not familiar with the way to contact a Coinbase customer support agent then you do not need to worry about it as we are going to discuss the ways that will help you to speak with a Coinbase login agent. Coinbase allows users to connect with the agent in different ways. 

You can use the Coinbase customer phone number to speak with the agent or request email support. In case you are looking to chat with the agent then you can do so via Twitter. So, with no more delay, let’s move on to find ways to contact the Coinbase support agent.

Ways to contact with Coinbase support agent

All possible ways to contact a Coinbase support agent are given below in the next sections.

Way 1: Contact via phone

You can easily connect your call with the Coinbase login agent by approaching the steps that are given below:

  1. Using a browser, visit the webpage
  2. Now, you need to go to the ‘Contact Us’ page
  3. From your screen, find the Coinbase customer phone numbers
  4. Use a phone and dial the number
  5. Follow the instructions to speak with an agent
  6. Make sure to speak about the exact issue that you are facing

Way 2: Submit an email support request

You can request email support by submitting the request. Follow these steps to submit an email request in Coinbase:

  1. Go to Coinbase's official website
  2. Find and click the ‘Request for email support’ option
  3. Choose the issue and elaborate it in the next field
  4. Now, you need to verify your email address
  5. Find and click the ‘Submit email request’ option
  6. Now, Coinbase will contact you via email

Way 3: Chat via Twitter

Users who have a Twitter account can chat on Twitter by logging in to their Twitter account. You can use the Twitter mobile app to chat with the Coinbase support agent. While chatting with the agent, make sure to provide the details of the issue that you are facing with your Coinbase login account.


In short, sometimes you may face difficulties in accessing the Coinbase Wallet account. If your account is blocked or you are not able to confirm 2FA in your Coinbase account then you need to contact the Coinbase support agent to fix such type of issues. With the help of the ways that are discussed above in this post, you will be able to do so quickly.